How to Make Perla Powder

Perla laundry bar soap is a must have for the hand washers who don’t want their hands to dry after washing. It is made by P&G and sold in almost every supermarket and grocery stores. Here in Manila, Philippines, it comes in three variants. The original white, the blue one and the orange bar soap with papaya. P&G claims that its ingredients are biodegradable, so I trust that it is organic. If you can give me a list of all its components, I’d be more than happy to add your discovery to this post.

Being an excellent hand wash laundry bar soap, and by excellent, I mean, it easily dissolves in water, removes dirt on my clothes, easily rinses off and leaves my clothes smell good and soft. It is very skin friendly. I have very dry hands, so I don’t really want my hands to be wet for long. Because of this, I use Perla.

Aside from being a great laundry partner, others claim that it is very good for use on face and body cleansing, as it helps to removes pimples, acne and bacne (back acne.) Though, I have yet to try this.

In this post, I’ll show you how I make Perla “powder.” Because, as most of you know, Perla comes in a form of a bar. I have not seen a Perla powder anywhere. As in zero result in the grocery shelves. So why would I want a Perla powder anyway? Simply because I just want to soak my clothes since they’re not so dirty, and then after a few minutes of soaking, just get on with my little hand washing, rinse then hand them all. Just like that. I do not have a lot of time to really spend a long time doing the laundry, so I make this easy, simple and quick chore for myself. And here, I wanna share to you how I do this at home.


What you need:

  • Perla laundry soap (variant of your choice, I always choose the original white)
  • Grater (any grater, this grater I have here is a very simple grater which I got for P50.00 only)
  • An empty tub (make sure it’s dry, this one I have here is an empty tub of body bleach 250ml)


  • Before proceeding, make sure all the things you’re gonna use are dry, the grater, the Perla bar, the tub and your hands.
  • Next, grate the Perla bar just like how you grate cheese, directly into the tub. It’s very easy, you can do it while sitting as it’s kind of soft and you don’t need to exert a lot of pressure for it to be grated. Think: hardness of carrots.
  • Grate as much Perla bar as you can put into your tub. For me, I grated 2 Perla bars in this tub.
  • After that, clean up everything, the are where you worked, wash everything you’ve used and dry them, especially if you’re using a steel grater like mine. We do not want it rust, right?


So there you go, a so-called Perla powder. If you notice, the lower part of my tub is finer. I did this by closing the tub tightly and shake violently as I could for a few times, then voila, a finer grain.

Hope you like my post. If you have questions or any reactions, please write on the comment below. Thank you!


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